Comic for November 25th, 2011
November 25th, 2011

Due to insane boredom in precalc in highschool I memorized π out to 22 decimal places.  Over a decade later I still know it.

Discussion (19)¬

  1. Bob says:

    3.141592 is as far as I can remember…

  2. BrickVoid says:

    Pi has been around so long I think I’ve even come across some debates as to it’s accuracy, and whether the formula it represents retains sufficient accuracy to be correct.

    All I know is we’d never be where we are without it! :D

  3. If you look at “3.14″ in a mirror, it says “P1.Ԑ”

    I like pie

  4. Jenora Feuer says:

    Now I, even I, would celebrate (3.14159)
    In rhymes unapt the great (26535)
    Immortal Syracusan, rivaled nevermore, (8979)
    Who in his wond’rous lore, passed on before, (32384626)
    Made the way straight, how to circles mensurate. (43383279)

    Yeah, I’ve had that particular mnemonic memorized for over twenty-five years now. Why do I spend brain cells on this?

  5. DeuxVis says:

    So good to see that #ǿµ%$! robot back ! I missed him :)

  6. Jeran Tek says:

    My son’s school had a competition on the 314th day of the year (yes, Pie day).
    One of the 5th-graders quoted Pi to 150 places and was still going when they stopped him.
    I get my son to memorise useful things – he’s got the first 70 or 80 elements down pat, in order :)

  7. T. Gatto says:

    Definately not where the saying easy as Pie comes from.

  8. maarvarq says:

    I had the mad idea of getting into the record books by memorising it (I had it to a couple of hundred decimals for a while, and still have it to 40) but when I learnt that the then record was 20,000 decimals, I lost interest.

  9. maarvarq says:

    Important omission – I had the mad idea when I was an undergraduate at university. I’m a bit more sensible now :-)

  10. Darg says:

    I’m surprised and disappointed that no one has said it yet, so I will.
    The cake is a lie, obey the Pi!

  11. Ryubbert Narraetsor says:

    Glad to see some more 46.

  12. silverblob5 says:

    Will we get to meet his half-brother in this arc, 32? Or his cousin-twice-removed, 44?

  13. DCS says:

    It’s all right, Pi’s half-brother, 32, is dyslexic . . .

  14. SirCheese says:

    3.14159265358979323846!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yeah I memorized it!!!!