Comic for March 25th, 2012
March 25th, 2012

Gary, Squidman

Squidman is from Louise Dade’s Tranquility Base, this is not the first time we’ve had a bit of a crossover.  I’m beginning to think that Legostar Galactica and Tranquility Base occur in the same universe, or at least reasonably adjacent universes.

Normally Squidman isn’t in a crappy cheap suit, but I feel like he should be.  He seems like a crappy cheap suit, cockney used carsalesman kinda guy.

This whole thing stemmed from me having the idea of someone trying to sell someone else on the idea of a “Real Housewives” type show.  I don’t really have a recurring character in the LGverse who seems like the type to do that sort of thing.  Squidman fit the bill, and Louise let me use him.  He might be back, unless Gary eats him, actually he might still be back after that anyway, he’s pretty resilient.

And that’s his cue to scarper.

While randomly looking at strange things on youtube I cam across this.  It amuses me greatly because I am also a big fan of Tom Lehrer and one of my skills is the ability to recite The Elements.  I never thought I’d have something in common with Daniel Radcliffe, but there you have it.

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