Comic for May 10th, 2012
May 10th, 2012

Normally you’d think the Captain would be in charge of things like this, however seeing as how in the LGverse being a Jedi is kinda like being a priest and I swear I heard somewhere that the whole “Captain’s can marry people” thing was not true, besides, as I’ve said before.  It’s my comic, I’ll do what I want.

Discussion (18)¬

  1. jamwa says:

    captains can only marry people if outside of any legal boundries. ie out on open sea for sailing ships and for here outside of federation space probably. think it still has to be made offical once the ship gets back to land with clerk of court or the like as formality.

  2. Deejon Loy says:

    The tradition of ship captains officiating a wedding ceremony came from the “the Days of Sail” when it would take 6+ weeks to travel across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to the Americas (or back to Europe), often times arriving in the Americas in early Winter, therefore not being able to make the return journey until Spring. The first voyage to any point on the Americas’ East Coast seldom included a priest/friar/monk to officiate such a ceremony, along with sever subsequent visits to the spot by a new ship; so until such an officiator would become available, the “colonists” would look to the “highest social ranking” (the ship captain) to be the officiator.

    Nowadays, in the US at least, any officiator needs to be licensed through the State in which they are performing the ceremony so if there are any ship captains who are licensed by a State, they’re probably the captain aboard a romantic pleasure cruise liner… and I would bet that not all of those captains are licensed either.

    • Deejon Loy says:

      Oh, and no ship captain is allowed to officiate a wedding that’s on land.

        • Louise says:

          In space isn’t, last time I checked, on land. I could be wrong.

          Captains Picard and Janeway definitely married people.

          In Janeway’s case it was justified by the same rule Deejon mentions: they were lost in the Delta Quadrant — Janeway was the most senior Federation (Earth) representative available!

          In Picard’s case – erm… maybe he had a license.

        • Deejon Loy says:

          And as someone mentioned in a previous comment (days ago) we don’t know FOR SURE that they are on the ship right now; they could be in a real church on an Alliance planet.

          • Lupus_Amens says:

            Dude, holodeck.
            Everything fun is either in the mess hall or the holodeck in ST.

  3. Kaian says:

    Called it.

  4. Ray says:

    Yeah, Jedi are like priests. Cheddar monks, to be exact.

  5. RazorD9 says:

    Well, if given a choice, would want to be married by a Jedi.

  6. MrGBH says:

    Makes sense, she’s probably the highest religious authority available…… Anywhere.

  7. jamwa says:

    actualy kirk did a marraige as well. can’t remember about Enterprise or DS9 off top head.

    but given that supposedly it supposed to be a multi-year tour on the ships, it makes sense the captain likely the highest federation offical short of planetside leave that is available