Comic for November 5th, 2012
November 5th, 2012


If that guy was calling you “brother” you’d probably be broken too.

New vote incentive over at top webcomics.  I’m trying something new over at the vote incentive.  They will be available for viewing elsewhere in the future for those who miss it, and while it might seem like they don’t exactly relate to the comic you will eventually see that they do and for now you’ll have to take it on faith that they occur within the LGverse.  I would really love some feedback on them too.

Discussion (8)¬

  1. BrickVoid says:

    Never trust any species that appears to be benign, especially if it has lime-green skin and sharp teeth! :D

  2. Fandarel says:

    Hoffan? Jimmy Hoffa or the human race from Stargate Atlantis?

  3. SaylorA says:

    Why do I feel certain that a mistake has been made somewhere?

  4. WalkerTexasDruid says:

    It is more “brothers in arms” rather than being genetically related I think.