Comic for August 25th, 2013
August 25th, 2013

Thanks for 11 great years folks!  Still more to come!  Sorry there isn’t a video but I just haven’t had the time.  I, however, do have something else for you.  I’ve been promising to do something about this for some time, and here it is.  All the Legostar Galactica Bonus comics in one place, the Legostar Galactica Expanded Universe.  Now, these are a year behind, so it doesn’t have the most recent ones, but it will continue to update a year behind the incentive voting comics, that way it isn’t a substitute for voting, but eventually you will get to see the comics.  I’m still working on the LGwikilinks and the comments on them, but I thought now would be a good time to debut that section of the page.  Enjoy.

So here’s the answers to the trivia contest.

1. Shauna’s call sign when she was in the marines is a reference, what is it and where does it come from?
Shauan’s Callsign is Wildcat, the reference is to the character Wildcat from Disney’s Tailspin, who could put anything back together. Fortunately Shauna’s a little bit more socially capable than Wildcat. I would have been surprised if anyone got this.
2. Marty and Deborah are both references to a particular character, what character and what do they appear in?
Martin Pascal, First officer from the ridiculous comedy Down Periscope, played by Rob Schneider. Someone commented on Pascal being a reference to this a little while ago, I was hoping someone would put it together.
3. The source of power for alliance ships is most commonly found on a planet, what planet and what is it a reference to?
Trihelium crystals are found on Blargon 7, this is a referece to a “Friends” episode and play that Joey was in. The answer to the question could be found in the wiki, then a quick google search gives you where the reference is from.
4. Marty’s love for a particular video game nearly left him stranded on an exploding ship. Which game was it?
Tetris. That’s in the comics.
5. According to Skip only one pickup line actually works, what is it?
“I’m Batman.” It’s in the comics, it will be in the comics again.
6. Where did Cindy and Red meet?
Accident Prone Anonymous. In the comics.
7. A minor recurring character has a nickname that is the same as the real name of a main character, what is that nickname and what is their real name?
“Red” as in Red Beard, as in Agamemnon Beard, Belinda’s Father.
8. Johnny has worn a number of outfits for holodeck adventures and away missions, what do most (but not all) of his outfits have in common?
Almost all of the outfits I have Johnny wear have been worn by characters played by Harrison Ford. Indiana Jones outfit, Indiana Jones tux, Han Solo outfit, etc.
9. What color does TAGs antenna turn when he’s embarrassed?
White, it’s in the wiki.
10. While he was traveling through time Pascal had to invent an excuse for why Bob couldn’t answer any of the Alliance higher ups. What was that excuse?
Too much time in the bathroom. It’s in the comic.
11. Belinda once landed on an alternate reality Earth, what important landmark did she land near?
She landed near Bilund. Where they keep the original Legoland.

Reaperman got 4 1/2 correct answers, but since it was the only entry it’s the winner!!

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