Comic for December 19th, 2013
December 19th, 2013

We skipped ahead some because you really don’t need to see every last thing all over again.  Here we have a bit of that insecurity I was talking about a couple of storylines ago going on.  The thing is, here, one Belinda is insecure about an experience she had recently, the other Belinda is insecure because she sees a future version of herself being insecure and as such causes further insecurity in her future self.  Timey Whimey.  Wibbly Wobbly.  Stuff.

I try not to ask too much of you guys, not be annoying or anything, but a really good friend of mine has a startup company and it’s in the running for Best Startup of 2013.  I’m sure she’d appreciate the support if you went here and voted for Data Maid.

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