July 29th, 2014

Nice dramatic entrance, Red.

A little while ago a got an interesting e-mail from a youth group who had stumbled upon my links page looking at comic character resources with a focus on LGBT characters and they asked me to share an amusing link they’d found.  As a supporter of LGBT (there a couple of LGBT characters in the comic, actually, but I don’t draw a lot of attention to it because 1. I feel like in the “future” it shouldn’t be treated any differently than any other relationship between people who love each other and 2. romance is pretty difficult to do with LEGO anyway).  In any case, here is the amusing link they asked me share and I thought I’d share it here:  “http://www.gayrealestate.com/real-estate-resources/where-gay-and-lesbian-comic-book-characters-live.html  It is a humorous account of where gay superheroes might live!”  Thanks for sharing, Karen!

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