Comic for April 29th, 2016
April 29th, 2016

That last line should be delivered in the same tone of voice as Bruce Campbell utters “You know spies… bunch of bitchy little girls. ” in Burn Notice.

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  1. SaylorA says:

    It has been a while since I actually laughed when reading this comic. Thanks Doc I needed it. 🙂

  2. BrickVoid says:

    I really want there to be a week or two’s worth of episodes dedicated to explaining this mystery from their point of view! 😀 So Mister Combs killed someone, apparently. Was this intentionally, or otherwise? Why are they so eager to get to him? *sighs* Questions, at least some of which I hope will be answered! 😀

  3. Mr. Speck says:

    You’d think there’d be more Bruce Campbell references with Bob then there have been.

  4. MTB says:

    So, these telepaths casually read minds without invitation?

    They should praise the next higher being on their knees that they are BLOCKED from reading the minds of these crewmembers, instead of FORCED TO.

    • PsihoKekec says:

      They will, once they read Johnny.

    • mithril says:

      In babylon5, telepaths could read minds without permission. they frequently claimed that they couldn’t help but do it, much like how people waking past can’t help but hear a conversation. surface thoughts were ‘broadcast’, and one of the first things telepaths were trained to do is create mental filters so they could ignore any thoughts they didn’t want to hear.

      going deeper than surface thoughts required active effort usually, and was technically illegal without permission.. though unless the person was another telepath or the telepath went very deep, it could be done unnoticed. Psi-cops like Mr.Bester had a tendency to do deeper scanning without permission, but he had a real “ends justify the means” thing going for him, no idea if other Psi-cops used methods like his. the implication though was that his attitudes and approach to his job wasn’t uncommon.

      • mithril says:

        oh, and forgot. in B5, telepaths often had trouble reading people with strong wills. much like the force, they had “a strong influence on the weak minded”

        thus Bob’s remark. say what you will of the crew of the Muffin, but “weak minded” they are not.

      • Darg says:

        Star Trek’s Betazoids are similar in that regard, though they’re a little more flexible with ideas of privacy and decency.

        • WJS says:

          They really aren’t. At one point, someone (I think Picard) tells us how when he was at the academy, there was a Betazoid instructor who “when you were sent to his office, he didn’t need to ask what you’d done”, i.e. he routinely scanned cadets without their consent. That was hardly rare, either. Pretty much every episode with one in, they would scan people around them, and they pretty much never asked for permission.

  5. General Mars says:

    When’s Byron showing up?

  6. Sweeper says:

    “How dare you and your crew have defenses against our probably invasive and (likely) illegal mind probings! *sniff* It hurts our feelings. 🙁 “