Comic for July 23rd, 2017
July 23rd, 2017

Lieutenant Anton Chekhov, Ensign Miriam Christie

I call her Vera.

Who knew Red had a gun.

Discussion (8)¬

  1. SaylorA says:

    I thought Lt. Chekhov already had a good gun.

  2. BrickVoid says:

    Wonder what he would’ve said if Red had said “no”? 😀

  3. The One Guy says:

    So does that mean he’s personified his gun, or is his “gun” actually a person or creature?

  4. Pyre says:

    Good reference here even if some people don’t get it.

    • BrickVoid says:

      If you don’t get it go to tvtropes or a search engine, and look up “Vera gun”. It’s a Firefly reference! 😀 I haven’t seen that movie myself but it seems typical of most movies with people who have emotional attachments to their weapons in it! 😀

      • ladyblanc says:

        It’s from the series, not the movie. And anyone who hasn’t seen either should watch them. It’s right at the top of Joss Whedon’ s game. And the Vera thing is very funny and a great example of Joss’s mastery of dialogue.

  5. tookye says:

    Just caught up… WOW! Lovin the stories. Very creative and the action sequences are so much better. PS. I don’t remember Red’s gun…