Comic for August 2nd, 2017
August 2nd, 2017

Gunnery Sergeant Ha’at Bell

“What the hell?” is right.

Discussion (11)¬

  1. Lord Vargonius says:

    Ah, yes, our favorite deux ex machina strikes again!

  2. Cosmas says:

    She certainly comes in handy.
    Also, she might make a good next girlfriend for Bob.
    …too soon?

  3. BrickVoid says:

    If this all turns out to be so Dr. Legostar could make a good hell’s bells joke, I sincerely hope he has perfected it by now! 😀

  4. BrickVoid says:

    Interestingly, this also means that the Ninja storyline has returned Gunnery Sergeant Ha’at bell at some point in between these two stroylines, thus prevening her from being killed in the interim. Because otherwise Dr. Legostar would have a serious plot problem to deal with! 😀

  5. negative says:

    Did the real Belinda even leave the Muffin?

    • Kaian says:

      Sure or Bob would not have needed to contact her. But on the planet where it was easy to lose sight of people? Easy point to do a switch and let Belinda shadow the hunters here and be coming for them even now.

  6. Pyradonis says:

    Hm…While I like Ha’at Bell, I think we have seen this trick fairly often by now.

    • Oldfan says:

      And it works, every time…

      The big “GoT”-type plotline will be when this strategy backfires someday…how many times can you go to this particular well?

  7. Wolf72 says:

    I could totally envision a live action scene: the bells ringing a few scenes earlier, then when we to this part the guitar riff jumps in.

    Next BR goes all light sabery.

  8. BlackDove says:

    In the words of Loki; “Are you ever -not- going to fall for that?”

  9. Gildren says:

    Probably a trick on the emphasis: “You think YOU captured me?” As in, it’s the other way around. Time will tell.