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Adani Trecor

Biographical Information

Rank: None
Position: None
Serial Number: None
Birthday: 3/4/2320
Homeworld: Vartil

Physical Description

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 8"
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Grey

Chronological Information


Force Sensitivity
Level 5

Dark Jedi
Midicholorian Count: 68,792 ppb
Lightsaber skills: Dueling From II
Stan’dyer Grund Adept
Force skills: -

Behind the Scenes

Played by: Beth Riesgraf
First Appearance: 10-05-2007

Adani Trecor

"OOOh... a troubled past. I'd hit that."--Force Ghost Tyn regarding Adani.

Adani Trecor is an aspiring Sith Lady who is currently presumed dead by the Sith and is working exact revenge on Darth Noyance.


Early Childhood

Adani was born in a long line of Sith to Darth Tempermentus and Darth Meticulous. It is said that she belongs to the same line of Sith as the ancient Sith Darth Burgerninja. Though she was unsure about becoming a Sith it was simply what was done in her family as both her parents were Sith and two of her grandparents were Sith as well. Thus she began training at an early age.

Secondary Education

Her own father, Darth Tempermentus, served as her master in the ways of the dark side of the force. He was often cruel and unforgiving in his training, but afterward always took her out for ice cream. Before he could complete her training, however both her father and mother were killed when a Jedi arrived on their homeworld of Vartil and eliminated the Sith threat.

2350 and Beyond

derengeadaniambar.jpg: 555x509, 101k (June 13, 2009, at 05:20 PM EST)
Adani Trecor with Ambar Nikto
Adani joined the ranks of the Dark Jedi intent on becoming Sith serving Darth Creepius and President Palpatine. Rather than simply rely on who her parents were she fabricated a past that made her seem more imposing than her actual life, and it is that biographical information which resides in the Sith computers, if someone were to bother to fact check they would find it grossly inaccurate. She did not make the cut and become a Sith as she refused to kill Darth Noyance who then electrocuted her and left her for dead. At least it appeared he left her for dead as he jolted her back to life as he left. She has since teamed up with Ambar Nikto to make Darth Noyance pay for defeating them and take his place as Sith.

Personality Traits

Adani is driven to fullfill her parents dying wishes of becoming a Sith but she holds strong reservations.


Adani appears to have feelings for Darth Noyance and to some degree he appears to feel the same way.
Adani aspires to join the ranks of the Sith.

Behind the Scenes

  • Adani's name comes from the suggestion of the forumite Flirtyshortskirty