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Mister Combs

Biographical Information

Rank: None
Position: Telepath Security
Serial Number:
Homeworld: Earth

Physical Description

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Grey

Chronological Information


Force Sensitivity

  • Immunity to mind tricks

Behind the Scenes

Played by: Jeffery Combs
First Appearance: 05-10-2007

Mister Combs


Mister Combs was the telepath assigned to Lieutenant Deborah Pascal to detain Jedi aboard the Alliance Starship Muffin. He was dedicated to his work but was shown to have doubts about his superior officer's motivations and intentions. He eventually realized that he was merely being used and greatly disliked his talents going to waste in an effort to weed out disloyalty in a crew that was obviously loyal to the Alliance, even if were not like the current administration.


Early Childhood

Grayson Combs was born to a loving family on Earth and quickly taken away from them by the Telepath Guild? and raised due to his talents. In the orphanage style upbringing provided by the Telepath Guild, Combs became distant and withdrawn, capable of shutting out the thoughts of others and shutting off his own emotions. He never questioned whether it was the right thing to do, the Guild was like his mother, the Guild was like his father.

Secondary Education

The Telepath Guild provided Mr. Combs with all of the education he could ever want or need, about his powers and the rest of the universe. They trained him to be an efficient and useful member of galactic society and of course indoctrinated him into their order so that when the coming war arrived, he would be on their side. His indoctrination, however, was not as complete as they would have liked.

2350 and Beyond

Assigned to Lieutenant Deborah Pascal, Mr. Combs came on board the Muffin with the purpose of establishing the loyalty of the crew of that ship. He found many of their minds strange, terrifying, and in some cases completely inaccessible to him. This was a cause of some frustration to both him and Lieutenant Pascal, but more so was the fact that he began to become friends with a crew who simply did not hold it against him that he was there to measure their loyalty. Even at the Telepath's Guild, Combs had never been so accepted and when things fell apart with the regime that had assigned him the task of checking loyalties and Lieutenant Pascal was transferred off the ship, he elected to remain and become part of the crew.

Personality Traits

Mr. Combs was clam and guarded. He rarely let his emotions rule him, and he did his best to shut out the thoughts of others, though some thoughts were louder and more invasive than others. He hated violating people's privacy, but knew that sometimes he had to for the greater good.


Though Mr. Combs did not make a lot of friends initially when he came onto the Muffin he eventually became friendly with several crew members. Most notably he became friends with Ensign Red Shirt when he was needed to help Red deal with the visions he was seeing.

Behind the Scenes

  • Based on Jeffery Combs and specifically the telepath he played on an episode of Babylon 5?.