Characters / Conway


Biographical Information

Rank: none
Position: Acting Captain in a crunch
Serial Number: none
Homeworld: Mars

Physical Description

Species: Cat
Gender: male
Height: 1'
Hair color: orange
Eye color: blue

Chronological Information


Behind the Scenes

Played by: Conway Kitty
First Appearance: 01-23-2003



Conway was Shauna Finelli's little orange cat. Though pets were not allowed on most Alliance ships special accommodations were made for Conway. The Cat had acted as acting Captain on the ship in absence of any of the senior command officers, much to Johnny's disdain. Conway had polydactyly, and thus had six toes on each foot like his father had.


Early Childhood

Conway was born on Mars in a litter of 5, the father remained at large. When he was very young he was a gift to Shauna from a neighbor as they were trying to get rid of the cats, seeing as they barely wanted Conway's mother. Shauna fell in love with the cat and took it everywhere with her, including into space when she joined the Space Marines and when she joined the crew of the Muffin.

2350 and Beyond

Conway spent most of his time in Shauna's quarters, though he would occasionally leave their confines to do things like command the ship when no one else (competent) was available, and he spent much time harassing anyone who came into Shauna's room. He was always with Shauna during any evacuation of the ship and spent some time on space stations and star bases when such things happened.

Personality Traits

Conway was curious and rambunctious.


Conway was Shauna's cat, he liked Bob and disliked Johnny. Conway had a girlfriend who's name was never revealed.

Behind the Scenes

  • Conway is based on an actual cat of the same name the Author once had the pleasure of owning, he regrets losing the cat more than the ex who took Conway with her.