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Emergency Medical Hologram

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Emergency Medical Hologram


The Emergency Medical Hologram was a sentient computer program that was seldom used but could be extremely helpful and sarcastic in emergency situations.


Early Childhood
The Emergency Medical Hologram had no childhood, he was a program that was created in the model of the scientist who created him.

Secondary Education
All of the Emergency Medical Hologram's education was pre-programmed in, he had none of the traditional college experiences to draw from. He never attended any classes or any parties.

2350 and Beyond
Every once in a while the Emergency Medical Hologram was turned on and then turned back off when he got to be too annoying to deal with.

Personality Traits

Though he had a programed personality and as such did not really have a personality on his own he was created to be abrasive and sarcastic, lacking in any sort of bedside manner. The reasoning for this programming was elusive and may have been the result of doctor's tampering with the program so that the EMH could not easily replace them.


The EMH was an Alliance program and associated only with Alliance ships.

Behind the Scenes

The EMH is, of course, a direct reference to the program of the same name from Star Trek: Voyager.