Characters / Jeff


Biographical Information

Rank: none
Position: Covert Ops
Serial Number: Classified
Birthday: 12/05/????
Homeworld: Bushido

Physical Description

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Hair color: Unknown
Eye color: Grey

Chronological Information


Behind the Scenes

Played by: Jackie Chan
First Appearance: 06-25-2004

Jeff the Ninja

"Who Are you?" "Jeff." "Jeff?" "The Ninja." --Captain Smith and Jeff the Ninja

Jeff, otherwise known as Jeff the Ninja, is a member of The Space Ninjas. He exhibits great skill, and is capable of standing perpendicular on walls, dueling Jedi, and concealing himself from sight, regardless of surroundings.

He is good friends, (or at least, business associates) with both Stan the Ninja and Mitch the Ninja.


Early Childhood
Jeff the Ninja was born on the Space Ninja world of Bushido. Little else is know about his youth and upbringing.

Secondary Education
Jeff trained on Shogun to become a ninja. It was there that he met Huffington Borroworth Moringlight the IIIed the Ninja and the two became fast friends. After a number of adventures together they got into a squabble over who would pay a drink bill and became archnemesises.

2350 and Beyond
Jeff first encountered the crew of the Muffin when he boarded the ship simply because it was there. He encountered Red and made quick work of him and gave Marty quite a shock when his lightsaber would not cut through Jeff's cortosis katana. He was, however, defeated by Conway who could sense his presence even when he disappeared from view.
Due to the Space Ninja use of cortosis, Jeff and his associates were brought in to deal with a Space Pirate problem and retrieve a substantial portion of cortosis from the pirates. In that mission Jeff ended up wounding Agamemnon "Red" Beard and incurring the wrath of his daughter. Though they did fight for a time, Belinda ceased her hostilities when she realized her father had not actually been killed.

Joining the crew of The Muffin
Stalking and Dancing
Shortly after the cortosis mission, Jeff, Stan, and Mitch joined the crew of the Muffin and Alice quickly developed a crush on Jeff. Though she tried to track Jeff down regularly he was able to avoid her through stealth and trickery. To get around this Alice forced a large portion of the crew to take dance lessons from Skip and made sure he partnered up Jeff and Alice. Jeff was none to pleased with the situation but went along with it anyway.
When all was said and done Jeff discovered Alice's plan and set out to get some retribution. He was stopped, however, by Stan who professed his love for Alice. Alice quickly shifted her affections to Stan and left the bewildered Jeff to his own devices.

Saving Marty and company
When Marty, TAG, and Angrius were captured and taken to Loshvuk, Jeff, along with Mitch and Stan were the ones who rescued them, quickly getting them out of the heavily fortified facility. Before their departure Marty discovered they needed to got to Carbile and the ninjas messaged the Muffin to meet them there. On Carbile when things became heated at the Ruins of C'kta Jeff lead the ninjas in a rescue mission and picked up Shauna, TAG, Marty, Angrius, and what remained of a fake Bob.

Recruiting Jeff supervised the Cover Operations team on the Muffin and began recruiting from members of the crew, quickly settling on Gunner Sargent Ha'at Bell who demonstrated her ability to change her appearance through technology.
Dealing with Pirates
Jeff, along with Mitch, Stan, and Lieutenant Robin Cunningham were sent by Shinobi Council to deal with a Space Pirate lawsuit of the Space Ninjas. Upon arriving they found Captain Hook using a Lawyer to convince the Brethren Court that they should ally themselves with Gomorrah the Hutt and sue the Space Ninjas. Jeff and the others were unable to stop the suit and paperwork began.

Ringer Bearer
Jeff held the honor of serving as ring bearer at the wedding of Ensign Red Shirt and Ensign Cindy Wright. He appeared at the altar when the ring was needed and vanished again a second later in true ninja style.

Intercepting a pickup
When the Changeling finally revealed himself and kidnapped Captain Smith according to the Captain's plan, Jeff, Stan and Mitch were sent to intercept the ship the Changeling had contacted to pick him up. They met little resistance from the crew as they were not skilled enough to deal with the three ninjas boarding and commandeering their ship.

Breaking out Skip's sister
Jeff joined Robin Cunningham's team to help save Skip's sister Valerie from the clutches of Corman Voor when she was hunting for information relating to the death of their parents. He served as a distraction along with Robin to get Voor and his men locked in the vault while Skip, Johnny, and Colleen broke Valerie out.

So Waan Shin and the Dragon Sword
Jeff, Stan, and Mitch were asked by the Sensei to track down and retreive the Dragon Sword which had been stolen off of Shogun by an old friend of Jeff's, So Waan Shin. After much searching they ended up back at Shogun and Jeff confronted his old friend. After much discussion and fighting they came to the agreement than So Waan Shin might be in the right, and he escaped with the Dragon Sword, while Jeff went back to his superiors with a fake and informed them that Shin was dead so that they could better protect the Dragon Sword from those who might try to take it.

Cunningham's Eleven
Jeff participated in the rescue of Captain Smith, Mary, Shauna, and Belinda from the clutches of Kalybus on Joppa. His main role was to help Skip disappear from the computer room once his hacking of the holding cell containing Red and Cindy was complete.

The White Ninja
While fighting the Oni Jeff, Stan, Mitch, and their friend Sam the Ninja encountered a highly skilled female ninja named Betsy who helped them defeat the Oni but turned down Jeff's request for a date when Huffington Borroworth Morninglight the IIIed the Ninja showed up and was revealed to be her boyfriend. Jeff still expressed his affection for Betsy and held out hope for the future.

Personality Traits

Jeff was very closed and reserved about his feelings. He was, however, fiercely loyal to his friends and the crew. His skills as a ninja were unparalleled, though he was often hindered by his crush on Betsy the Ninja and his rivalry and grudge with Huffington Borroworth Morninglight the IIIed the Ninija. He was slow to anger, but quick to frustrate and often ran away from his problems. He had a stable moral center and lied about following orders when it clashed with what he thought was right.

Jeff was part of a covert operations team that consisted of himself, Stan the Ninja, Mitch the Ninja, and the more recently recruited Ha'at Bell. They often worked together, though they were known to break into smaller groups or go on solo missions.
Jeff also formed a close relationship with Skip Tyler and helped in his combat training.
At one time Jeff was romantically pursued by Alice Tolman, but she lost interest in "Jeffery" when Stan showed interest in her.
Jeff had other friends in the Ninja order, such as Sam the Ninja, So Waan Shin, and Huffington Borroworth Morninglight the IIIed the Ninja, though he and the latter formed a rivalry later in life and are now nemesis.
Behind the Scenes

  • The name Jeff the Ninja comes from a mispronunciation of the author's last name.