Characters / Malnotio

Dr. Malcom Notio

Biographical Information

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Research Scientist
Serial Number: 32389743
Birthday: 8/14/2310
Homeworld: Amaris Prime

Physical Description

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Hair color: Red-Brown
Eye color: Blue

Chronological Information


  • Society for Intergalactic Neuroscience
  • Physiology Society
  • Neuromechanics Society
  • Intergalactic Institute of Health

Behind the Scenes

Played by: Scott Bakula
First Appeared: 02-03-2004

Dr. Malcom Notio

"We were experimenting to see if Wookies feel pain... they do."--Dr. Malcom Notio explaining his current predicament.

Dr. Malcom Notio is a the multi Ph.D. Head of Research on board the Muffin, he answers to Belinda but is free to do most of his own research. He is slightly reckless and willing to risk a great deal in the name of scientific discovery, even when those discoveries seem fairly obvious or pointless. He is, however, knowledgeable in several fields and is able to problem solve quickly. His dangerous experiments have given him a strong survival instinct.


Early Childhood

Malcom Reynaldo Notio was born on Amaris Prime during the greatest drought in the planet's history. He barely survived his first few years of life and it is likely that his love of all things dangerous started at that early age. His mother died during childbirth and he was raised by his father who encouraged him to get into science as it was a way to help others and a way to get off of the planet where their family had been mired for several generations. Through several award winning science fair projects Malcom was awarded the prestigious Alliance Science Award and succeeded in gaining the opportunity to leave Amaris Prime and pursue his scientific career.

Secondary Education

Malcom moved through the academic programs on Earth very quickly and was able to obtain several Ph.D.s by the time he was 30 at which point he joined the Alliance Navy in hopes of furthering his research among the stars.

2350 and Beyond
In the Name of Science!
Malcom met Belinda Reines and Alice Tolman at a scientific conference at which they sat through several boring presentations and ended up getting drunk and ending up on Dagobah.

Shortly after their initial encounter Belinda and Malcom crossed paths again when Malcom was hired on as part of the Muffin's research crew. She was reluctant to deal with him, but he was there to stay so she did what she could. Malcom was working on research into cortosis at the time and sparked the necessity to collect more to improve weapons to defend against lightsaber attacks.


Personality Traits

Malcom is slightly reckless with his science and it results in much property and personal damage.


Malcom has a senior grad student named Mark and he is constant pain in Belinda's ass.

Behind the Scenes

  • You'll see why "Scott Bakula" eventually.
  • Mal Notio translates into English from Latin as "Bad Idea"