Characters / Mark

Mark the Grad Student

Biographical Information

Rank: none
Position: Grad student
Serial Number: none
Birthday: 2/28/2328
Homeworld: Earth

Physical Description

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 10"
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue

Chronological Information


  • University of the Alliance

Behind the Scenes

Played by:
First Appearance: 09/03/2004

Mark the Graduate Student

"Listen Doc, I'm perfectly willing to clean up my mess, I'm perfectly willing to clean up someone else's mess, but when shit rains from the sky, I call it a day."--Mark the Grad Student after the waste reclamation system expunges itself onto his lab bench.

Mark the Grad Student is Dr. Notio's graduate student on board the Muffin, he handles a variety of experiments and is working toward his Ph.D. He is grumpy and self centered, and maintains a rather dry and often unwelcome sense of humor. Dr. Notio believes that Mark has potential but is growing increasingly frustrated with his negative attitude.


Early Childhood

Secondary Education

2350 and Beyond

Personality Traits

Mark is sarcastic and somewhat disgruntled, which is fairly average for a graduate student.


Mark is technically attending the Alliance's university program but is doing so on board a ship rather than in a university facility.

Behind the Scenes

Mark is basically a foil for the author's graduate school experiences.