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Martin Jasper
Martin Jasper

Biographical Information

Rank: Commander
Position: Executive Officer
Ship: Muffin
Serial Number: 2349911
Birthday: 2/28/2316
Homeworld: The Inky Blackness of Space

Physical Description

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown

Chronological Information


Known Masters

Force Sensitivity
Level 5

Jedi Knight
Midichlorian count: 56,432ppb
Lightsaber skills: Hak'n Slach Master
Force skills: Force Push
Force Lightening

Behind the Scenes

Played by: Ted Rami
First Appearance: 08-25-2002

Commander Martin "Marty" Jasper

"I don't know, if you ask me, I had a pretty good day."--Marty Jasper after staring the Synari War on accident.

Martin "Marty" Jasper was the Executive Officer on the Alliance Starship Muffin and a former Jedi Knight and has now become the Sith Lord Darth Noyance. As executive officer of the Muffin he was often seen as slow witted and incompetent which lead to much criticism and may have lead to his scorn and low self esteem, however he did his job as was necessary and assisted the Captain with what needed to be done. Eventually Marty and the Captain formed a rapport and a friendship. Marty was often slow to understand the Captain's sarcasm but he was a sweet and naive man who enjoyed his work and his life. He has stumbled upon several failed attempts to relationships and one of those was partially a catalyst for his fall to the dark side. As a Sith he has gained confidence and taken a level in bad-ass. He tends to complain about some of the situations that he is put in but as many of those situations might lead to his death his complaints tend to be justified. He loves Tetris and involving himself in internet communities.


Early Childhood

Martin Susan Jasper was born on a transport ship making the long run between Ibrin 7 and Ibrin 5. His parents were cargo runners between those planets. He spent the first part of his young life running around the cargo holds of various transport ships as his parents did everything they could to make ends meet. Most of his friendships were with loading droids and cargo smugglers from whom he heard many interesting stories of pirates, Jedi, and the bizarre nature of the rest of the galaxy. He never really had children his own age with whom to play and so he often sought to interact with others in his age range via the Alliance Communications Network, through this he tended to make friends in chatrooms and other online communities.

Becoming a Jedi

When he was 12 Marty began to display an aptitude for the Force and a Jedi on Ibrin 7 noticed his talents and suggested that he enroll in Jedi School on Alderin so that he might expand his knowledge. Marty's parents were reluctant for him to leave, however they saw that he had a future greater than what they had managed for themselves and thus let him go to train at the School. On Alderin Marty made many friends both inside and outside the Jedi School and it lead to him blossoming socially. During the years at the school, he forged first a friendship then a rivalry with a young man who became Darth Angrius. Many of his teachers commended his persistence with his studies, even at those he did not excel at. There were always worries however that he was filled with frustration, which lead to the dark side or at the very least the dark grey side. He graduated at the top of his class, however his celebrations were short lived as an night of binge drinking and celebration ended when he awoke to find himself enrolled in the Alliance Academy and thought "What the hell."

First Tour of Duty

His first tour of duty was aboard the Solaris where he served with mediocrity but garnered the attention of his superior officer. She asked him out to dinner. He declined. As an Ensign Marty was still trying to deal with the fact that he had just finished becoming a Jedi only to enroll in an military organization. While this was not unheard of he was rather disappointed in himself and it caused him to slack on his duties and to neglect his Jedi training, almost forgetting it in the process.

Once a Lieutenant, always a Lieutenant

Marty was an Ensign a bit longer than he should have been and it was a trend that continued when he became a Lieutenant Junior Grade. His performance was so medicore that he was often passed up for promotions when others around him rose through the ranks with relative ease. When he was promoted to Lieutenant he was also assigned to the Muffin where he would serve as executive officer to Captain Hermes Rodrigo. Though Captain Rodrigo saw great potential in Marty he did not rise above the rank of Lieutenant under Rodrigo's command. He did become a fixture in the crew of the Muffin however and gained a decent degree of respect from much of the crew even if technically they outranked him. Upon Captain Rodrigo's reassignment Marty remained on board the Muffin as executive officer to await the arrival of the ship's new captain.

A New Captain and an Old Skill

After Captain Smith took over the Muffin Marty was able to rediscover his Jedi training and acquire a new lightsaber. It was during this time that he also rediscovered his old nemesis Darth Angrius as Angrius had held hostage some of Martin's childhood friends. Marty was faced to confront Angrius and face him in combat. This combat was not at all like the practice sessions he had been involved in during his time in the Jedi School and while his opponent was at a similiar level to his own it was still a harrowing fight which resulted in the loss of Angrius's hand. This hand, however, was reattached later. Marty was then reunited with his childhood friends and promptly remembered why he left.

Starting a War

When the Muffin first encountered the Synari Marty was part of the team that went to negotiate with them. Through a lack of an universal translator and rather callous behavior on Marty's part there was a huge degree of miss communication which lead to further escalations with the Synari and ultimately resulted in the start of the Synari War. While Marty regretted his actions he did not see any way that it could have been avoided and was upset at the irrational responses the Synari had to his own inane behavior.

Loss of the Muffin

During another attack from the Synari Marty escaped with Captain Smith, Chief Engineer Finelli and Dr. Belinda Reines. He made sure that he was able to get his copy of Tetris as it had all of his high scores before they escaped the ship. During the intervening time after the ship was destroyed and a new ship was built Marty traveled to Dagobah to train with Jedi Master Yoda and during that time a party that spread from another planet brought Darth Angrius and his new partner Darth Tiffany to Dagobah where Marty was forced to face them in combat. Though he beat Angrius he was quickly bested by Tiffany who almost struck him down. Marty's life was only saved by Dr. Reines.

Losing His Hand

During the Synari War the Muffin was sent to Tatooine where Marty and Captain Smith were forced to fight Darth Angrius Darth Tiffany and Darth Pester. Though Marty was again able to best Angrius Tiffany proved more of a challenge and his hand was not only cut off but incinerated by a lightsaber blade. As the situation grew grim for Marty and Bob, Master Reines arrived to help them and quickly fought off the Sith opponents. Marty passed out during the combat and was taken back to the ship where Dr. Reines fitted him with a black mechanical hand to replace the hand he had lost in combat. He expressed his curiosity as to why it had to be black, but when he discovered his other option was that it could be pink he accepted the color choice.


During the last stages of the Synari War Marty started to have strange visions of a skeletal Sith and his own responsibility of killing his friends. Belinda realized the place in his dreams was the Jedi Temple on Xardania and that the Sith he described was a legendary Sith from ancient times named Darth Creepius. Belinda assured Marty that the Sith was long gone but as they left the Temple Darth Creepius himself reappeared and announced his return. Marty's visions were slowly coming to pass.


As the end of the war quickly approached Marty, Belinda and Shauna were sent to Nabootycall to deal with a Synari invasion there and during that rescue Marty meets Princess Natalie and while he is instantly enamored with her she has nothing but scorn for the young Jedi. It is during this encounter that they faced Darth Angrius and Darth Tiffany again, however this time Angrius loses his ability to deal with Tiffany's degrading commentary and ends up fighting with her and joining Marty on the light side, much to Marty's chagrin.

Saving the President

Rushing back to Earth Marty and Belinda are able to face off against Darth Creepius and Darth Pester and save President Palpatine from the attack. President Palpatine expresses his gratitude and says that he will be watching Marty with great interest, a comment which is quickly noted as creepy and mildly disturbing.

The Suit Makes the Man

After encountering a group of faceless soldiers Marty, as well as Agnrius and Johnny are taken prisoner by a strange creature that is unaffected by the Force. Though they are rescued Marty realized they need to head to the mining world of Carbile. As the crew traveled to Carbile Marty made a strange discovery but before he could reveal the details to anyone they were again ambushed by the Sith. In another bout of Jedi combat, this time with Darth Creepius, Marty was injured to the point where he was forced to wear a stasis suit?, completing another aspect of his visions of the future.

The Fall

martysith.jpg: 549x624, 121k (June 13, 2009, at 05:20 PM EST)
Darth Noyance.
When it became illegal to be a Jedi Lieutenant Deborah Pascal boarded the ship with the instructions to take Marty into custody. When his Force Powers seemed to have no effect on Pascal's telepath Marty succumbed to prison as well as his own depression. Due to everyone's unwillingness to help him and a betrayal by a callous Natalie he ran from the ship and when he received a message from someone offering to help he took it.
On Climatika Marty found not help but Darth Creepius offering him a path that would keep him out of jail, a parth to the dark side. After some consideration and flashbacks to the last few months Marty decided it was the best option and became Darth Noyance.

Darth Noyance

SeeingRed.jpg: 600x479, 114k (June 13, 2009, at 05:20 PM EST)
Marty becomes Darth Noyance and faces off against Belinda.

His first act after falling to the dark side was a duel with Belinda, though she could have defeated Marty she saw the good still in him and refused to use the full brunt of her abilities to strike him down. Instead she opted to escape and leave Marty to his own devices. As a Sith Marty was forced to compete with other dark jedi to prove his worthiness. He was also forced to kill Jedi Knight Tyn before competing with other dark jedi. Though almost all of the dark jedi challenged Marty before the actual competition he survived to being sent down to a hostile planet with the dark jedi and several sithites where unintended by the sith lords a yautja hunter began to systematically hunt and kill the dark jedi. Marty was able to survive and when commanded to he killed a woman with who he had begun to forge a friendship and a possible relationship, Adani Trecor. In leaving, however he could be see sending a shock through her that restarted her heart.
Through all of his sith training Master Tyn has appeared to Marty as a force ghost and continues to question Marty's actions and generally annoy him. It appears that Tyn is acting like a conscious to Marty and may simply be a manifestation of his doubts rather than a real force ghost.

Personality Traits

Marty is often regarded as incompetent and dimwitted, however as the years have passed he has gained a certain degree of wisdom and has always displayed a great compassion and loyalty to his friends. Marty is a decent student of the force and has shown a great sensitivity which was ultimately responsible for him drifting to the dark side. Before his fall Marty was a caring and open individual who always wore his heart on his sleeve, regardless of how much damage it caused him. Though some regarded him as a tool he was simply perpetually naive and carried a strange sense of humor that few people could accurately understand. He often felt like it was his lot in life to suffer and tended to sabotage himself when he felt like he was going to fail anyway.

Powers and Abilities

Martin's powers have grown considerably since he fell to the darkside, however, he has always shown an aptitude for the Force Yoink and Force Lightning, the latter of which is not often displayed by Jedi and may have been an indication of his eventual turn to the dark side.


As much as Marty has tried he feels like most people don't like him. He considers Captain Smith and Belinda Reines close friends, or at least he did before becoming a Sith. He has tried to forge a relationship with Nataline, the Princess of Nabootycall but she repeatedly shot him down and broke his heart. He also showed affection for Adani Trecor before being forced to kill her. He did, however bring her back to life, indicating he might have significant feelings for her. The Xenomorph Queeny seemed to be very infatuated with him, however he never showed any feelings for her.
Marty was a member of the Jedi Order, attaining the rank of Jedi Knight but has since fallen to the dark side and now is a member of the Sith Order.

Behind the Scenes

  • Marty's personality is based partially on that of the author, his silly and childish side
  • The choice of Ted Rami to play him just seemed right