Characters / McGinnis

Angus McGinnis

Biographical Information

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position: Chief Transporter Officer
Serial Number: 49185754
Homeworld: Earth

Physical Description

Species: Rxxnak
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Hair color: None
Eye color: Black

Chronological Information

Affiliations: Alliance

Behind the Scenes

Played by: Dougray Scott
First Appearance:

Lieutenant J. G. Angus McGinnis


Angus McGinnis was the Chief Transporter Officer on board the Muffin, he was a rxxnak who was adopted at a very young age by a Scottish family on Earth. He knew little of his Rxxnak heritage, and was a proud Scotsman. He felt under appreciated in his work and just wanted to be noticed by the higher ups.


Early Childhood
Angus had no knowledge of either of his parents, only that they deposited him on the door of a space nunnery when he was born. He spent only a short amount of time at the nunnery however, because a Scottish couple on holiday happened by the nunnery and adopted the young rxxnak. From there on he was raised on Earth, in Scotland, where he was mostly accepted by the human boys and girls as he displayed great strength and while he appeared fearsome was very kind and gentle to all those around him.

Secondary Education
When Angus grew into adulthood he decided to join the Alliance Navy and specialized in transporter technology. When he graduated from the Academy he was overjoyed to begin his first tour of duty on a star ship.

2350 and Beyond
Eventually he joined the crew of the Muffin, but while he liked his work he felt that he was under appreciated by the senior staff and worried that perhaps no one even knew he was there.

Personality Traits

Angus was often self deprecating but was kind and gentle to others and was very supportive of his friends.


Angus was friends with many of the crew but has yet to find a close relationship with anyone in particular. Though he spent a lot of time with Ensign Ryan.

Behind the Scenes