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Baas Oon

Biographical Information

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Medical Officer
Serial Number: 32423533
Homeworld: Dorin

Physical Description

Species: Kel Dor
Gender: male
Hair color:
Eye color:

Chronological Information


Force Sensitivity

Behind the Scenes

Played by: James Arnold Taylor
First Appearance:

Lieutenant Baas Oon


Baas Oon was a Kel Dor science officer assigned to the Muffin to help Dr. Belinda Reines in dealing with the problems of sickbay.


Early Childhood
Baas Oon was born on Dorin to a strict mother and father. He was expected to enter into a scientific field at an early age and made his parents proud when he began the path to a medical degree at the age of 5. He rebelled against his parents wishes, however, in secret, when he began to study alternative medicine and homeopathy. Though he excelled in his early studies he always viewed the world in a naturalistic way that clashed with his upbringing.

Secondary Education
Once he was of age, Baas applied to the Alliance Academy and began his training as a medical officer for the Alliance. This brought his parents no end of pride, thought they still remained unaware of his nautropathic interests.

2350 and Beyond
Nature vs Nurture
When Baas joined the crew of the Muffin he met resistance from the chief medical officer, Belinda Reines, who did not believe in his homeopathic ideals.

Personality Traits

Baas was a very calm and level headed person most of the time. He was devote in his beliefs and often frustrated that those in his field didn't share it. He had spent most of his life fighting against those that disagreed with him, however, and was ready for most detractors.


Behind the Scenes