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Remy Gasper

Biographical Information

Rank: Ensign
Serial Number:
Homeworld: Earth

Physical Description

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color:
Eye color:

Chronological Information


Force Sensitivity

Behind the Scenes

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Remy Gasper


Remy Gasper was a young and naive man who joined the crew of the Muffin on his first tour. He would one day grow up to be an important physicist and end up destroying the universe in an attempt to travel back in time and save the life of someone he loved who had died.


Early Childhood

As a young boy Remy dreamed of being a physicist and changing the laws of nature, or at least bending them. He focused all of his attention on physics and social media, because his parents insisted that he have a hobby.

Secondary Education

Remy Majored in Physics at the University of Michigan with a minor in Photography and Arts, where he studied diligently and then applied to be in the Alliance Navy. Once accepted to the Naval program he stuck to doing photography on his phone and focused on physics and engineering and helping the science team with high energy particle research.

2350 and Beyond

Joining the crew of the Muffin for his first tour of duty, Remy reported to his preliminary psych evaluation with no idea how it would change the course of his life and the universe. At his psych evaluation he met Lt. Alice Tolman and instantly fell in love.

Personality Traits

Remy was sweet and kind and very enthusiastic about his work and everything he did in life. Many found his positive nature a bit more over the top than they could handle, but eventually they grew to enjoy his outlook on life.


Remy made a lot of friends on the ship very quickly as he was pleasant and cheerful and got along with just about everyone. He was in love with Alice, though he tried to hide it. Alice, at least, was unaware of his affections.

Behind the Scenes