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Sven Rosenberg

Biographical Information

Rank: Corporal
Position: Security
Serial Number: 65789652
Homeworld: Coruscant

Physical Description

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue

Chronological Information


Behind the Scenes

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Corporal Sven Rosenberg


Sven Rosenberg was a security officer on board the Muffin. He had the strange ability to "read speech bubbles" which allowed him to correct grammatical and punctuation errors people made in their speech that they weren't even aware they were making and had no idea how he was noticing these things.


Early Childhood

Sven was always a strange child, he saw things in the way people said things that tended to unnerve people and it left him with few friends and family that often looked at him like he was crazy.

Secondary Education

Though most of Sven's college life was fairly uneventful the incident that got him his gold tooth remains a mystery. It was only known to a few and the rest knew it simply as an incident that began with "hey, watch this!"

2350 and Beyond

Joining the crew of the Muffin was a great success for Sven as he had never really fit in very well anywhere in his life. Though his abilities confused and unnerved his fellow crew mates sometimes, they all had their own quirks which made him feel like he had finally found a real family.

Personality Traits

Sven's ability to "read speech bubbles" tended to make his outlook on life a little bit odd and colored people's perceptions of him, but he was mostly a down-to-earth, caring and loyal friend. He was committed to his job and thought he tended to goof around with his crew mates he was very serious about his work and his place on the crew.


Sven spent most his time with other security officers, like Allison Waines and Kasri Dekket but he did forge other friendships on the crew as well.

Behind the Scenes