Characters / Walters

Dr. Walters

Biographical Information

Rank: none
Position: Research Officer
Serial Number: 42342354
Homeworld: Earth

Physical Description

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'3"
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown

Chronological Information


  • Alliance Science Council

Behind the Scenes

Played by: Rowan Atkinson
First Appearance: 03-06-2003

Dr. Walters

"Dr. Reines, I was working on the computers and needed some space so I deleted all of your experiment files. Hope you didn't need them..."--Dr. Walters shortly before being inexplicably electrocuted.

Dr. Walters was a bumbling research scientist on board the Muffin who's primary job appeared to be 'being a pain in Dr. Reines' backside.'


Early Childhood
Since Walters was a child he liked to ask people random questions like: `Do you know what a Purcel is?' He never understood that he was only annoying and he was actually only speaking of stuff he could not understand. Yet, he grew up thinking that he was smart and that becoming a scientist was a reasonable choice.

Secondary Education
He received his degree in Social Sciences with the lowest possible score he could have achieved, some says he only obtained it because teachers did not want to see him anymore, but blinded by his pride he thought that the teachers never understood his genius and that they were unable to do their job correctly.

2350 and Beyond
Dr. Walters was working as researcher with a team of scientists in the University of Naples: the other scientists quickly became annoyed with his arrogance and incompetence. One of them had a connection with the Alliance and found him a job as Medic on board the Muffin. He happily accepted the work thinking he would be in a place were he could express his intelligence and gumption, thinking that Medicine Science was easy. He liked Belinda, but he thought she could not be a very good doctor given how much less intelligent she was than him.

Personality Traits

Dr. Walters was incompetent and unable to comprehend how incompetent he was. He believed himself to be a genius. Because of these traits no long liked him very much.


Belinda would like him removed form the crew, or dead, whichever.

Behind the Scenes

  • Dr. Walters is based off an actual person, many of his actions are based on those of a real professor or that real professor's students.