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First Impressions


Captain Robert Smith -- Bruce Campbell
Lieutenant Martin Jasper -- Ted Rami
Commander Belinda Reines -- Amy Acker
Colonel Shauna Finelli -- Jewel Staite
TAG -- Christopher Judge
Johnny Danger -- Edward Kerr
Skip Tyler -- David Tennant
Robin Cunningham-- Wil Wheaton
4675636B -- John DiMaggio (voice)
Red Shirt-- Justin Long

Guest Stars



Writer: D. M. Jeftinija
Director: D. M. Jeftinija
Script editor: D. M. Jeftinija
Executive producer: D. M. Jeftinija
Production code: 1.1
Originally broadcast: 8-26-02
Timeslot: Sunday at 6:00 EST
Length: 10


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First Impressions

Plot Synopsis

Captain Bob Smith joins the crew of the Muffin and meets his new crew.

Plot Summary

Captain Robert "Bob" Smith joins the crew of the Muffin and is introduced, in turn, to various members of the crew. He starts by meeting the very naked Martin Jasper, his executive officer who sometimes finds himself naked when nervous. They begin their tour of the ship, once Lieutenant Jasper has found some clothing, and discover the engineering is filled with various household items used in place of engine parts, such as a toaster in the warp drive. It is then through the near death of Lieutenant Jasper that they meet the Chief Engineer Shauna Finelli, who proceeds to hit on the Captain while hanging upside down from the ceiling. They then meet the foul "mouthed" 46, the ship's chief of security and a rather irate robot followed by Ensign Red Shirt, who seems to attract weapon's fire and accidents of all variety. Ensign Shirt's injury leads them to Sick Bay where Bob is introduced to Belinda Reines, the ship's sarcastic and stoic doctor. She does her best to patch up Red, noting that he will be back sooner than later, which is proven true when Shauna accidentally drops something onto Red before he can even leave the sickbed. On the bridge the Captain is introduced to the final members of the crew, TAG (Token Alien Guy), Skip, Johnny, and Robin, as well as all of their various eccentricities.

Critical Reception

The first episode of Legostar Galactica received rave reviews from the 4 or 5 people who read it. It was sufficient encouragement for the writer to continue producing the comic.

References and Allusions

  • Martin's nudity refers to a common dream people have about being naked during important functions.
  • Ensign Red Shirt is a direct continuing reference to red shirted ensign's on star trek
  • Robin's name is due to the Brave Sir Robin from Monty Python's Holy Grail
  • Johnny Danger is slightly based on the character of Launchpad McQuack from Ducktales
  • Shauna Finelli while in no way an inspiration for Kaylee from Firefly, as it is doubtful that Joss Whedon has ever read Legostar Galactica, Kaylee is exactly how the writer pictured Shauna at her conception
  • TAG's antenna is a reference to star trek's habit of sticking something onto a person's nose/face and calling them an alien
  • 46 was inspired by Bender from Futurama?