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Gravitas Core

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Gravitas Core

The Gravitas Core was the engine core designed by Shauna Finelli and placed at the center of the Gravitas to transport the ship over great distances. Instead the core functioned to opening a gateway to the distant future. It was later appropriated by Darth Creepius inhabited by The King in Yellow to open a portal to Carcosa.


Designed by Shauna Finelli and her alternate universe counterpart, the Gravitas Core was built to power a ship and produce new levels of speed. Instead it transported its crew to the end of the universe. It did this simultaneously with all of the alternate universe Shaunas who had managed to built the core. The cores merged into a single ship while the people retained their individuality. The ship was then brought back by Darth Creepius and used by him as possessed by the King in Yellow to open a portal to Carcosa.


The Gravitas Core used gravity well technology to tear a hole in the fabric of space-time and pull the ship through the hole. The original thought was to use this technique to travel through space, instead time was traversed.