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Kasri Dekket

Biographical Information

Rank: Private
Position: Security Officer
Serial Number: 14352464
Homeworld: Rattatak

Physical Description

Species: Rattataki
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red

Chronological Information

Affiliations: Alliance

Behind the Scenes

Played by:
First Appearance:

Private Kasri Dekket


Kasri Dekket was a rattataki security officer on board the Muffin. He was smarter than he behaved but he enjoyed playing dumb along with his Sargent. He was often paired with Private Waines for security detail.


Early Childhood

Growing up on Rattatak was difficult and tension between warring tribes left Kasri's village in a constant state of fear and apprehension. Their focus on keeping everyone safe and securing their lives and their belongings gave him a very security minded personality as he grew up.

Secondary Education

Kasri was able to get off of his homeworld and attend college on Ithor where he trained in security and eventually joined the Alliance.

2350 and Beyond

Kasri joined the crew of the Muffin as a security officer and worked hard with his fellow security officers to keep order on the chaotic ship.

Personality Traits

Kasri was dedicated to his job but often kept his real emotions under the surface. He also tended to pretend to be less intelligent than he actually was as he felt that it allowed people to underestimate him.


Behind the Scenes