Characters / Kalkahn

Kal'kahn Denobi

Biographical Information

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Engineer
Serial Number: 29384793
Birthday: 03/04/2322
Homeworld: Idsocaa

Physical Description

Species: Aarkaash
Gender: Dolsil
Height: 6' 6"
Hair color: none
Eye color: grey

Chronological Information


Behind the Scenes

Played by: Anthony Phelan
First Appearance: 12-29-08

Lieutenant Kal'kahn Denobi

"There's a toaster somewhere in there!"--Lieutenant Denobi concerning Shauna's engines.

Lieutenant Kal'kahn Denobi was an Aarkaash engineer who joined the crew of the Muffin in an attempt to improve the upgrade to the engine systems. He was an expert in Warp Drive and Hyper Drive. He believed in modern approaches rather than Colonel Finelli's more haphazard approaches and thus they tended to clash. He was very methodical and analytical, preferring to do things "by the manual" rather than by the seat of his pants, however he was very capable of improvising when problems arose.


Early Childhood

Kal'kahn Denobi was hatched on Idsocaa and matured into his adult form in the usual 2 year period. His parents brought him up to be an artist which is exactly what he became, however unlike his parents his art was in engineering rather than quantum physics.

Secondary Education

Kal'kahn joined the Alliance Science Council at a young age, though a fairly typical age for Aarkaash. His interest lay in studying off world and he was able to accomplish this through the Science Council, through an association with the Alliance Navy he was able to travel from ship to ship and study their engine designs. This quickly made him an expert a variety of engine types and compositions.

2350 and Beyond

In 2354 Kal'kahn put in a request to be assigned to the Muffin knowing the chief engineer was a mechanical genius, even if she was somewhat unorthodox. His request was not granted until several years later but once he joined the crew he instantly began to critique the inefficiency of the engine. Colonel Finelli did not take kindly to this critique but took some of Kal'kahn's suggestions under advisement.

Computer Virus
When a long dormant computer virus attacked the ship Kal'kahn and Shauna rushed to try and fix things. They were too late in their repairs and the ship ended up at the bottom of an ocean. When the engine room flooded Kal'kahn was able to stay in the main part of engineering while Shauna locked herself in the core, since he could breathe underwater. In this way he and Iadgo Tellal were able to help Shauna escape a watery grave. Once the ship was extracted Kal'kahn played a large role in repairing the waterlogged ship.

New Engine Room
Kal'kahn played a huge role in rebuilding the engine room to conform more with Alliance specifications. Though Shauna was reluctant initially she warmed up to her new engine room and proceeded to make her usual modifications, much to Kal'kahn's dismay.

Shauna of the Dead
During Shauna's holodeck simulation of a zombie apocalypse on the ship Kal'kahn became a hideous monster that chased after Shauna and Natalie, breaking down doors to get to them. This was likely due to Shauna's continued dislike of the aarkaash engineer.

Personality Traits

Kal'kahn was cold and methodical but his love of engines surpassed his interest in anything else.


Shauna Finelli had no idea how much Kal'kahn admired her and her work and he would prefer it was kept that way. As far as she knew he was an ungrateful pain in the ass who didn't like her engines, when his real interest was helping her improve them further through a combination of their two thinking styles.

Behind the Scenes