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Nancy Simon

Biographical Information

Rank: Ensign
Position: Junior Counselor
Serial Number:
Homeworld: Mars

Physical Description

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

Chronological Information


Force Sensitivity

Behind the Scenes

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Nancy Simon


Ensign Nancy Simon was a psychology graduate student hired on by Alice Tolman to help the crew of the Muffin with their PTSD after their encounter with the King in Yellow.


Early Childhood

Nancy was born on Mars where she grew up in a big family full of a variety of psychological problems. These problems got her interested, at an early age, in helping others with their psychological issues.

Secondary Education

Attending Mars University prestigious psychology program brought Nancy into contact with a number of giants in her field and inspired her to help those who had gone through severe psychological trauma.

2350 and Beyond

Nancy joined the crew of the Muffin shortly after their war with the King in Yellow to help deal with the psychological trauma associated with battling an eldritch abomination. She was assaulted by Belinda Reines when Reines thought she was Darth Pestilous, as the Sith had chosen Nancy's form to mess with Belinda's mind.

Personality Traits

Nancy was perky and generally in a good mood most of the time. She did not handle being force chocked over a case of mistaken identity but as was her way she eventually let the incident roll off her back and went on to handle the rest of the challenges life on the Muffin provided in stride.


Behind the Scenes