Characters / Natalie


Biographical Information

Position: Princess from Nabootycall
Birthday: 06/20/2317
Homeworld: Nabootycall

Physical Description

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green

Chronological Information


Behind the Scenes

Played by:
First Appearance: 08-09-2005

Princess Natalie

"Aren't you a little short for a Jedi?"--Princess Natalie to Martin Jasper upon her rescue.

Princess Natalie of the Alliance planet Nabootycall was an elected royal and a diplomat. She was an attempted love interest of Martin Jasper and appeared to be a love interest for Darth Angrius. She often appeared cold and cynical but had opened up to a few people.


Early Childhood

Natalie was born on Nabootycall to an affluent and highly political family. She entered into politics at a very young age, which was typical of her people and was voted class president her entire high school career.

Secondary Education

Natalie proceeded to get a degree in politics as she served on her planet's senate as an aide, quickly moving up the ranks until she ultimately reached the level of princess.

2350 and Beyond

During the beginning of the Synari War Princess Natalie was part of an envoy of diplomats sent to negotiate some kind of peace with the Synari Empire. Though this envoy was protected by Jedi Master Tuggywuggylon they fell into a Sith trap. Natalie attempted to stay behind and help Tuggywuggylon when he instructed the diplomats to go back to the ship and she succeeded in staying behind for some time longer than the others, however Tuggywuggylon sent her away when he felt how truly powerful the Sith that was approaching was. She made it halfway back to the ship when she heard the fight begin and screwed up her courage to go help the old Jedi Master. By the time she returned she saw the back of the Sith Lord and Master Tuggywuggylon dead on the ground. She returned dragging his body and the diplomats left the planet in shame and failure.
After the Synari learned of the diplomatic intervention and their escape they began to target members of the envoy, which resulted in-in the case of Princess Natalie-their invasion of Nabootycall. During this invasion she was again saved by Jedi when Belinda Reins and Martin Jasper arrived to help her people.
Shortly after the invasion by the Synari, Princess Natalie's term as princess ended and she sought out the people who had helped her, joining the crew of the Muffin as a passenger. On the ship Marty attempted to strike up a relationship with her but found her un-receptive and while she made many friends she began to show feelings for the former Sith Lord who had changed sides back on Nabootycall, Angrius. She appeared to be slowly pursuing a relationship with Angrius since then. She found it almost comforting that Belinda has programed the holodeck to train Angrius with Master Tuggywuggylon.

Personality Traits

Princess Natalie was acerbic and dry. She showed very few emotions and was quick to criticize.


Martin Jasper fell in love with Natalie and attempted to pursue a relationship, however she was not interested. She formed a friendship with Belinda Reines and Shauna Finelli as well as Alice Tolman. She showed a romantic interest in Angrius.

Behind the Scenes