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Allison Waines

Biographical Information

Rank: Private
Position: Security Officer
Serial Number: 75224543
Homeworld: Alderin

Physical Description

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green

Chronological Information


Behind the Scenes

Played by: Stefani Germanotta
First Appearance:

Private Allison Waines


Allison Waines was a security officer on board the Muffin. She was known for wearing far too much makeup. She was often paired with Private Dekket on security details.


Early Childhood

Allison grew up on Alderin in a highly influential family. She grew up with wealth and privilege and never once questioned her place in high society. Her father spoiled her rotten and while her mother often protested she never did anything to stop the practice.

Secondary Education

Allison attended the finest college on Alderin and jumped from a number of majors before settling on double majoring in security systems and advanced hand to hand combat. She excelled at combat and her marksmanship was one of the best on the planet. After graduation she joined the Alliance in an attempt to put her skills to use. Her family was disappointed.

2350 and Beyond

Her first tour of duty put her on the Muffin, a ship that was often seen as a punishment assignment, but Allison took to it with ease and quickly began to fit in with the crew, and excel at her job.

Personality Traits

Allison was loyal to her friends and more than a little self obsessed with her appearance. She was, however, very focused on her job and keeping the ship safe. She was regularly annoyed with her superior officer for his blatant disrespect of anyone who was different than him, but could not say much of anything due to his superior rank.


Allison had many friends among the crew, though she spent most of her time with Kasri Dekket whom she was partnered with on most security shifts. They quickly became close friends.

Behind the Scenes