Seasons / 13-3

The White Station


Captain Robert Smith -- Bruce Campbell
Lieutenant Martin Jasper -- Ted Rami
Commander Belinda Reines -- Amy Acker
Colonel Shauna Finelli -- Jewel Staite
TAG -- Christopher Judge
Johnny Danger -- Edward Kerr
Skip Tyler -- David Tennant
Robin Cunningham-- Wil Wheaton
4675636B -- John DiMaggio (voice)
Alice Tolman -- Amy Adams
Red Shirt-- Justin Long

Guest Stars

Jeff the Ninja -
Agent Bilks -
Stan the Ninja -
Mitch the Ninja -
Ha'at Bell -
Captain Bly -
General Slord -
General Loratrek -
Dora the Hutt -
Pirate Lawyer -
Redwina Shirt -


Writer: D. M. Jeftinija
Director: D. M. Jeftinija
Script editor: D. M. Jeftinija
Executive producer: D. M. Jeftinija
Production code: 13.3
Originally broadcast: 10-13-2014
Timeslot: 8:00 EST
Length: 15


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Booty Call
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The White Station

Plot Synopsis

An agent of Section 13 is trapped behind enemies lines and must be rescued.

Plot Summary

While on his way to retrieve the Dragon Sword, Jeff the Ninja was stopped by Agent Bilks of Section 13 and asked to help in a matter that would be very important to the defeat of the King in Yellow. Bilks explained that an agent of Section 13 was undercover and needed to be extracted. Jeff readily accepted and took Bilks to his ship where Stan, Mitch, and Ha'at Bell were waiting. Once on the ship, Bilks directed them to Beo Station where several ships had met and Bilks took the ninjas under cloak onto the station.
On the station Bilks was able to determine a meeting was going on, and he assumed the agent would be there. From the ventilation system they watched Captain Bly address the others he was working with, including General Slord, General Loratrek, and Dora the Hutt, as well as his own Space Pirates.
During the course of the meeting he revealed he knew there was a traitor in their midst and that he knew who it was. After some back and forht he had his lawyer shoot the spy. After which they left for a dinner.
Bilks lamented the death of the agent and feared it would spell the end of Section 13. Mitch, however, had other ideas and slipped out of the ventilation system and down into the room. In the room they found the body of Redwina Shirt and while Bilks mourned her death she got back to her feet.
Bilks remained stunned but Redwina quickly got them moving to get her information to the right places.

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