Seasons / 14-12

My Villainous Imagination


Captain Robert Smith -- Bruce Campbell
Lieutenant Martin Jasper -- Ted Rami
Commander Belinda Reines -- Amy Acker
Colonel Shauna Finelli -- Jewel Staite
TAG -- Christopher Judge
Johnny Danger -- Edward Kerr
Skip Tyler -- David Tennant
Robin Cunningham-- Wil Wheaton
4675636B -- John DiMaggio (voice)
Alice Tolman -- Amy Adams
Red Shirt-- Justin Long

Guest Stars



Writer: D. M. Jeftinija
Director: D. M. Jeftinija
Script editor: D. M. Jeftinija
Executive producer: D. M. Jeftinija
Production code: 14.12
Originally broadcast: 04-18-2016
Timeslot: 8:00 EST
Length: 15


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My Villainous Imagination

Plot Synopsis

Mr. Combs is faced with the telepath police coming after him for something he may have done but does not remember.

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