Seasons / 4-2

Zombies Vs. Vampires


Captain Robert Smith -- Bruce Campbell
Lieutenant Martin Jasper -- Ted Rami
Commander Belinda Reines -- Amy Acker
Colonel Shauna Finelli -- Jewel Staite
TAG -- Christopher Judge
Johnny Danger -- Edward Kerr
Skip Tyler -- David Tennant
Robin Cunningham-- Wil Wheaton
4675636B -- John DiMaggio (voice)
Alice Tolman -- Amy Adams
Red Shirt-- Justin Long

Guest Stars

Count Suxula -
Doomed Sickbay Tech -
Cthulhu -
Delivery Man -


Writer: D. M. Jeftinija
Director: D. M. Jeftinija
Script editor: D. M. Jeftinija
Executive producer: D. M. Jeftinija
Production code: 4.2
Originally broadcast: 10-31-05
Timeslot: Monday at 8:00 EST
Length: 25


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Zombies Vs. Vampires

Plot Synopsis

Thanks to Count Suxula and the Necronomicon a war between Vampires and Zombies breaks out on the ship with the crew caught in the middle.

Plot Summary

When a strange coffin arrives on the ship and Johnny stumbles onto the Necronomicon things start to get strange, the dead begin to rise as Zombies and the Vampire Lord Count Suxula begins turning other crew members into Vampires. Belinda, Bob, and Shauna quickly jump into action and begin to take down their fellow crew members. Though TAG, Robin, and Skip resist for a while they are tricked by Alice who has already been turned.
Bob, Shauna, and Belinda stumble onto the Necronomicon and realize that it was the reason for the vampire attack but as they are suddenly surronded by Zombies and Vampires it seems too late for that revelation. As the fight reaches its height and Suxula grabs the book, Bob enacts a plot twist and TAG reavels hiimself not to be vampiric. He stabs the book and Suxula in one clean move, ending all of the problems.
Belinda returns the book to Cthulhu with a little added bonus and he continues to be enamored with her while Suxula, not quite dead manages to vanish from the ship.

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