New to Legostar Galactica

So you’ve discovered Legostar Galactica.  Or you’ve been reading the new ones for a while and you’ve decided to go back and read the archives.   There’s a lot of archives, isn’t there?  Sorry about that. To make matters worse some of the plot lines don’t completely resolve until years later and it helps to have read those years in the first place.   I’ve been trying to make going through the archives a bit easier for new people and as such due to the new systems in place there are three ways to go about reading the archives.

A Captain has to deal with everything put before him, but he doesn’t have to do it in great detail, so you can start with the archives here and skim over them several at a time, month by month, fairly quickly. You can use the calendar at the right to move to the next month once you’re done with a set of comics.

The Doctor makes a surgical strike, she finds the most important information and just deals with that.  You can use the LGwiki to see the summary of each episode and get the gist.  You can even just read the episode synopses here and get even more of a gist to catch up to things.

Then there’s the archive crawl.  This route is for the brave, the bored, the masochistic and the just plain insane.  If you’re a Red Shirt then start here and read all the way through, soaking up each detail. If you chose this method there is a help however. On the right side of the comic you will see a small set of buttons which will allow you to tag a page when you stop so that when you return you can go right back to that page and start from where you left off.

There is also a new service from the comic irregulars called Archive Binge which Legostar Galactica and several other comics with impressive archives are a part of. By registering at Archive Binge you will be able to read some of those comics which you haven’t had a chance to dig through the archive through your RSS feed at whatever speed is comfortable for you.

For any of your random questions there is always the LGwiki with character, storyline, and various other information.  Enjoy, whichever reader type you are.