Which Legostar Galactica Character Are You?

Legostar Galactica is filled with a myriad of characters who display a number of interesting and alarming personality traits. Ever wonder which of those traits you might share with them? Ever wonder which character you were most like? Are you smart and short tempered like Belinda? Are you a walking target like Red? Or are you simply the only sane man or woman, like Captain Smith? Find out!
Just pick the answer you agree with the most for each question!
Question 1: You are wandering through an alien market place and suddenly a kid picks your pocket.  What do you do?

  1. Chase him down and politely ask him to return your money.
  2. Chase him down and not so politely ask him to return your money.
  3. Inform him that that was NOT the money he was looking for.
  4. Don’t sweat it because you stole his money and he’ll be back for it.
  6. Chase him down and ask him if he has a single sister or mother.
  7. Sit him down have a long talk about his upbringing.
  8. Someone took my… son of a bi…
  9. Wish him luck with that bit of radioactive rock from my pocket.
  10. Invite him over so you can make him dinner.
  11. GivehimanindepthlectureonwhystealingiswrongandwhyishecryingnowwhatdidIdo?
  12. Just be happy he didn’t take my kidneys. Wait… where did? Aww man!
  13. Adopt him and teach him the ways of the world.
  14. A kid? Where? Noooo!

Question 2. You are confronted with your arch nemesis. What do you do?

  1. Sigh with annoyance that you have to deal with them again.
  2. Fight them to the death!
  3. Make a series of sarcastic jokes then fight them to the death!
  4. Run away!
  6. I have no arch nemesis, they are already defeated.
  7. IhaveanarchnemesisohmygodwhatamIgoingtodo?
  8. Is my arch nemesis a girl? Is she hot?
  9. Wait, which one is my *arch* nemesis?
  10. Have a rational discussion about our differences.
  11. See this wrench? Yeah. That’s what I’d do. Use your imagination.
  12. Blast the mo-fo into the next stardate.
  13. Uncle?
  14. Try to decide what side dish would go best with them.

Question 3. Your souffle has collapsed! Sacre bleu! What will you do?

  1. I made a souffle?
  2. What *is* a souffle?
  3. #&*@ing souffle!
  4. Make another one!
  5. Steal one from someone else.
  7. We have replicators, isn’t this what those are for?
  8. That’sokaythat’swhyImadesixotherdesertsandtwopies!
  9. All those home economics classes were such a waste…
  10. At least I didn’t burn down the kitchen.
  11. Reverse the polarity!
  12. Use the force to make it rise again.
  13. Consider that perhaps I am not cut out for the culinary sciences after all.
  14. S… sou… souffle? Why would I make one of those?

Question 4. The enemy is firing on the ship! Quickly, you…

  1. fire back!
  2. evasive Maneuvers!
  3. wait, let me pause Star FoxTM.
  4. hailthemseeiftheymightwanttostop?
  5. gun the engines and flank them!
  6. take the fight to them.
  7. enact the secret backup plan.
  8. blow them out of the sky!
  9. launch myself into space and take them on, personally.
  10. find a nice safe place to hide until it blows over.
  11. brace yourself.
  12. prepare for boarding parties!
  13. scan for weaknesses.
  14. apologize for the misunderstanding.

Question 5. Peace negotiations are going well until SOMETHING UNEXPECTED HAPPENS! You…

  1. go back to bed and hope it blows over.
  2. expected the unexpected and counter with something equally unexpected!
  3. were never there.
  4. go make toast.
  5. strike the problem down with furious vengeance and righteous anger.
  6. make a souffle.
  7. are happy that things are going according to plan.
  8. wonder why you were involved in peace negotiations at all.
  9. check out the hot negotiator for the other side.
  10. drop the f-bomb a few dozen times.
  11. distract the negotiators till the problem can be solved.
  12. take another one for the team.
  13. Could you define ‘something’?
  14. Is the ‘something’ ladybugs? Cause if it is these negotiations are over!

Question 6. The Omniscient Council of Vagueness has denied your request.  You…

  1. slaughter them!
  2. call them a bunch of pansies and do what you want anyway.
  3. go behind their backs.
  4. find a loophole in their orders.
  5. reinterpret their orders to suit yourself.
  6. do what they say.
  7. resign yourself to your inevitable fate.
  8. make a souffle.
  9. invent a few new explitives to describe them.
  10. invent a few new explosives to scare them.
  11. do whatever is least scary.
  12. Were any of them hot?
  13. reanalyze the situation and apply for an appeal to their decesion.
  14. WhatdidIaskthemfor?

Question 7. There’s no saving the ship.  You…

  1. figure they’ll build another one and evacuate.
  2. rush to make sure your savegames aren’t lost.
  3. make sure to get on the escape pod with the hot girls.
  4. hope you can salvage some spare parts!
  5. would already be off the ship.
  6. get off before a bulkhead explodes in your face.
  7. fire everything, no use wasting good ammo on a big ship explosion.
  8. sacrifice the crew, it’s their fault anyway.
  9. prepare to council people for post-traumatic stress disorder.
  10. send out a distress signal before leaving.
  11. scan for a stable planet *before* getting off the ship, this time.
  12. make sure to get an escape pod all to yourself, this time.
  13. wonder why there aren’t any escape pods you can fit in.
  14. get as many people to saftey as possible.

Question 8. Stop!

  1. Hammer time!
  2. Drop and Roll!
  3. Or my mom will shoot!
  4. In the name of love!
  5. Listen, what’s that sound?
  6. Dragging my heart around.
  7. Collaborate and Listen.
  8. Never!
  9. Not just yet.
  10. Stopwhat?
  11. I’ve only just begun.
  12. Stop yourself!
  13. But I was having fun!
  14. If only I could.

Question 9. It’s the end of the world as we know it…

  1. And I feel fine.
  2. Good.
  3. No need to panic, it’ll work out. Not, you know, for me, but still.
  4. Who doesn’t want to die a virgin? Huh? Anyone?
  5. Just another day in the galaxy.
  6. And how does that make you feel?
  7. Well it’s about freakin’ time!
  8. Hope the next world is just as interesting.
  9. Whoops.
  10. Are you implying an apolocalyptic event or merely a rearrangement of the power structure?
  11. Huh. It’s not nearly as scary as I though it’d be.
  12. Thenitisimportanttocramasmuchinformationintoourlastfewminutesaspossible.
  13. Uncle Cthulhu?
  14. Ninja Vanish! *cloud of smoke*

Question 10. You come back to your work station and everything is messed up.  You…

  1. aren’t surprised.
  2. hunt down the idiot responsible and tear them a new one.
  3. shrug it off, fix things, and get back to work.
  4. whine and moan.
  5. don’t even have a real workstation anyway.
  6. realize it was you that left it that way.
  8. must avenge the workspace!
  9. think it was probably from that time you had sex on it.
  10. suspect gremlins.
  11. feel glad it’s the workstation and not you.
  12. need a vacation.
  13. curse a blue streak.
  14. serve the mess for dinner.

Question 11. There’s a massive disruption in the space time continuum!

  1. Whoops.
  2. Again?
  3. I swear it wasn’t my fault!
  4. Nooooo!
  5. Perhapsnowtimewillmoveslowenoughforpeopletounderstandme.
  6. Perhaps I shouldn’t have added those tachyons to the stew.
  7. I thought people’s problems sounded really familiar!
  8. Setting sensors to record everything.
  9. Is it… is it somehow a sexy massive disruption?
  10. I’d rather not get involved with that.
  11. So?
  12. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
  13. Shall I open fire?
  14. I’ll bet I know who’s responsible for that…

Question 12. There’s three things I just can’t stand.

  1. Stupidity, laziness, and mint chocolate.
  2. Serial killers, neurotoxins and brine shrimp.
  3. Dull blades, paintball guns, and pirates.
  4. Jedi, Sith, everyone else.
  5. bureaucracy, incompetence, and lying liars who lie!
  6. cheat codes, watermelon seeds, JengaTM.
  7. Milk, ladybugs, polish sausage.
  8. Pain, suffering, pain and suffering
  9. Teases, mean girls, people who make fun of my mom.
  10. Complaints, complainers, allspice.
  11. Having my head cut off, not getting screen time, people complaining in my behalf.
  12. Redundancy, poor grammar, redundancy.
  13. Betrayal, insults against my sister, loneliness.
  14. People dredging up the past, people undermining my authority, cabbage.

Question 13. Force =?

  1. Mass times acceleration.
  2. The careful application of pressure to make someone talk.
  3. Stealth times speed.
  4. That which binds the universe together.
  5. What it takes to crack open the shell of a very tastey Andorian Mollusk.
  6. Pain.
  7. A valuable tool.
  8. Security or Police.
  9. Work divided by distance.
  10. A poor psychological technique.
  11. A type of shield.
  12. AnacronymforFocusedOutboundRetreivalCommunicationsElectronics.
  13. What it takes to get things done sometimes.
  14. Never an acceptable dating technique!

Question 14. If starship A is traveling at warp 6 and starship B is traveling in the opposite direction at Warp 8 and they begin from point C at the same time, how long will it take them to make the Kessel run?

  1. I’m sorry, what?
  2. 7 parsecs.
  3. Does it matter?
  4. Just destroy them all!
  5. Is either ship cloaked?
  6. Sooner than it’ll take me to figure this out.
  7. Are we assuming a frictionless universe?
  8. Who’s this Kessel, she sounds cute.
  9. Does not compute. Go away.
  10. Um… can I borrow a calculator?
  11. Ask me something about souffles.
  12. Pass.
  13. Can’twejusthailthemandask?
  14. I didn’t know I had to study for this…

Question 15. You are meeting a new alien race for the first time.  You…

  1. shoot first, ask questions later.
  2. shoot first, ask questions never.
  3. shoot.
  4. tellthemhowhappyitistomeetthemandhowgreatheyareandwhyaretheyrunningaway?
  5. compare biologies.
  6. sneak attack them before they can sneak attack you.
  7. hope that nothing screws up the meeting.
  8. compare recipes.
  9. ask about their women.
  10. compare phobias.
  11. run away before they can eat you.
  12. psychoanalyze their leader for future reference.
  13. compare engines.
  14. learn a whole new set of vulgarities.

Question 16. This quiz is…

  1. stupid.
  2. really Stupid!
  3. just like that one I did in CosmoTM!
  4. This is a quiz?
  5. Is this going to be on the final?
  6. I don’t understand the question.
  7. full of subtle hints.
  8. &%@*ing awesome!
  9. the only reason I have not killed you yet.
  10. a little bit strange but kinda fun.
  11. getting on my nerves.
  12. a lot harder than the Away Team Security Examination.
  13. giving me paper cuts.
  14. a lot easier than my Interstellar Materials Examination.

Question 17. I’ve never…

  1. Killed anyone.
  2. Kissed a guy on the first date.
  3. Started a War.
  4. Worn plaid.
  5. Gone back on my word.
  6. Been drunk.
  7. Been afraid of hard work.
  8. Cheated.
  9. Completely opened up to anyone.
  10. Stopped to think people might find me annoying.
  11. Had a relationship work out well.
  12. Computed Pi.
  13. Saved the world.
  14. Done any of those things.

Question 18. I love it when…

  1. a plan comes together.
  2. it rains.
  3. I get a little peace and quiet.
  4. a sauce comes together.
  5. I score.
  6. a planet comes apart.
  7. someone underestimates me.
  8. they never see me coming.
  9. no one notices my mood.
  10. you shut up!
  11. people understand me.
  12. I can see the big picture.
  13. every component meshes and everything works just right.
  14. I get a trifecta!

Question 19. Evil is…

  1. as evil does.
  2. good.
  3. all around us.
  4. an excuse.
  5. not a tangible quantifiable quality.
  6. wearing us away a little every day.
  7. in need of a good thrashing.
  8. tasty.
  9. painful.
  10. subjective.
  11. sexy.
  12. a pyschosomatic condition, without the somatic.
  13. a fixable error.
  14. more prevelant in every day life than you’d think.

Question 20. My one regret is…

  1. that I never told her how I really feel.
  2. that I haven’t killed them all!
  3. that I let my feelings cloud my judgement.
  4. that I used the nutmeg instead of the cumin.
  5. that I let my guard down.
  6. that I hurt the ones I care about.
  7. that I ate that thing with the nutmeg in it.
  8. that I agreed to play that dang game.
  9. thatInevergottoknowthem.
  10. that I don’t swear more often. Damnit!
  11. that I let him trick me.
  12. that I zigged when I should have zagged.
  13. that I didn’t kill him when I had the chance.
  14. that I took this quiz.