Comics that I read, used to read, have read, or just belong to people I know.

Comics that Update Regularly

You can count on these to update at least once a week most weeks.

Comics that Update Sporadically

These still mostly update, but when is anybody’s guess.

Comics that Might Never Update Again

These have been on hiatus for a while, or just stopped mid-storyline, sometimes they come back.

Comics that are broken

Website problems and delays have caused broken links and I hope to see them back some day.


Comics that are Done

The rare comics that actually finished completely.

Other Sites

Links to the Rest of the Internet.

LEGO Sites

LEGO related content.

Sites useful for the Comic

Sites that help me with references and content for the comic.


Places where I have spent far too much time talking with interesting and amusing people.

Random Internets

Things that are just amusing or interesting to me.


My Friends.

Link to Legostar Galactica

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