Comic for August 26th, 2016

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Season 15, Episode 1: The Price, Bomor

Because I have an extra day in this episode due to how things fell on the weeks I’m just using the first comic as the title panel rather than putting a title panel on part of one of the comics.  It doesn’t make it any more significant really, just wanted to do a full panel establishing shot since I had 16 days this episode.  Enjoy.

So there were some technical difficulties with the giveaway.  Mostly because I was not prepared and did not get things ready like I should have.  The giveaway will be moved to next week, but it will still go on.  Thank you to everyone who commented on how long they’ve been reading!  I’ll have to come up with another question for the giveaway since there’s no point in making everyone repeat themself!  Please stand by next week for the actual anniversary giveaway!