Comic for December 28th, 2014
December 28th, 2014

Ensign Benjamin Hu, Ensign Remy Gasper

While this version of Sebulba is better than the first one LEGO came out with, it’s still kinda funny looking.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Riftx says:

    The lead is playing maracas? Don’t normally see that in a band

    • Considering that the maracas are backed up by a saxophone and a one-handed electric guitar, I’m thinking that this band is somewhat atypical in general

      • Ralthar says:

        The irony being that the band name is “Iso-Tropes and Stereotypes”

        • BrickVoid says:

          Even more potential irony: Since the lead already has rocks in his head, and goes by the name of Sulfurix according to the BrickLink catalog he’s very likely to have an acidic response to anyone who objects to him being the lead! ­čśÇ