Comic for February 12th, 2015
February 12th, 2015

Sometimes it’s just time to grow up.

Discussion (12)¬

  1. Gwyn Wynn says:

    And knowing is half the battle. – GI Joe

  2. SaylorA says:

    I’m still waiting to find out if she is the Evil Popstar or if there is something else going on that the good doctor has not revealed yet.

  3. BrickVoid says:

    Johnny’s chances of getting attention from women will improve significantly once word of this break-up gets out! 😀

  4. T.Gatto says:

    I think she is sincere, for at least 5 minutes, then we shall see.

  5. Oldfan says:

    Johnny should stay with her at least long enough to get some change for the phone call, though…

  6. artemis says:

    They’re alone. She’s alway nice to Johnny when they are alone.

  7. Mobyulus says:

    I don’t buy it, that was too easy

  8. LordVargonius says:

    She’s doing the right thing for the wrong reason. It’s about time she apologized for treating him like dirt, but she still lacks a grasp of basic courtesy. She does seem genuinely apologetic, and she may genuinely care about him. Now the question is, how much does Johnny care about her?

    As a side note, as a very popular (if very shallow) celebrity, she could be a useful ally.

  9. TeaAddict1 says:

    She only likes him now because she found out he knows people.

  10. ladyblanc says:

    Why am I expecting a sudden but inevitable betrayal in the next strip?