Comic for February 26th, 2015
February 26th, 2015

Malcom Xavier Hood, The Oberon, The Xanatos

You guys remember the Xanatos, right?

Discussion (10)¬

  1. LordVargonius says:

    Let’s hope the sentient computer is willing to cooperate. You guys remember the sentient computer, right?

  2. Mr. Speck says:

    Dun dun dun!

  3. BrokenEye, the True False Prophet says:

    Alright, I give up. What’s the TV Tropes pun in Captain Hood’s name?

    • Specter177 says:

      The early bubble canopies on early P-51s and Spitfires during WWII were called Malcom hoods. That’s all I got.

      • BrokenEye, the True False Prophet says:

        Also, his first name and middle initial are Malcolm X… which is kind of a weird reference to have in the name of a white, middle aged starship captain

    • Darg says:

      I think it may be a subtle reference to the USS Hood from Star Trek TNG but I’m probably wrong.

    • BrickVoid says:

      If Captain Hood winks at Captain Smith, that mans he would have been Hood winked! 😀 I sincerely hope Dr. Legostar saw that pun coming, and is going to use it! 😀

  4. CSBlakebrough says:

    Plus being very similar, we don’t have to build a load of new ship sets! ;-p

  5. artemis says:

    Robin (Hood) works for King Oberon.
    I’m guessing this is the UK contingency.

  6. RobertZ says:

    I have just thought of the coolest joke. You know how the golden gate bridge gets destroyed all the time right? So one of Garry’s relatives is seen running through space, beat, then the golden gate bridge is shown chasing him. Its a little cheesy I admit but why not?