Comic for March 26th, 2015
March 26th, 2015

They’re getting pretty sneaky, though Alice does date a ninja.

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Mr. Speck says:

    So the King in Yellow literally gave him horror movie powers? Heh.

    • BrickVoid says:

      The King in Yellow could’ve trapped them in a horror movie with them, which is actually a pretty terrifying, but ingenious, prospect! 😀 I reckon Friday’s comic will be very interesting indeed! 😉

  2. Gildren says:

    I don’t get the scene … the last comic showed them with him right behind them, but all of a sudden they’re behind him?? Maybe I’m missing something, but that seemed weird. Maybe it’s because the rigidity of legos makes everyone to appear to “walk” and not “run.”

    • Mr. Speck says:

      I think the idea is that they used one of the side corridors to sneak around behind him.