Comic for April 19th, 2015
April 19th, 2015

Private Dekket, Private Waines, Corporal Sven Rosenberg

Again with 46 being mean.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. T.Gatto says:

    Was he programmed to be sarcastic, or did he somehow pick it up on his own?

    • SaylorA says:

      Reading 46’s bio I get the feeling he developed it on his own.

      • BrickVoid says:

        He also suffered an attack of niceness, so he’s got lots to make up for that, because being nice, saying nice things, and being well-behaved is out-of-character for 46! ­čśÇ

  2. Oldfan says:

    Not enough cursing, 46 must be malfunctioning…

    Since I’m married to a Greek girl, any mention of Windex makes me chuckle…I use that line from the movie (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”) all the time.