Comic for June 2nd, 2015
June 2nd, 2015

Who could it be?

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  1. Mr. Speck says:

    I’m going to provisionally guess one of the other ancient races, because it’s a bit odd that the Cryptlons would be the only ones contributing and I can’t think of any other notable factions that 1) we haven’t seen here yet and 2) would make any sort of sense.

  2. BrickVoid says:

    The Bjorg, maybe? or is it the Borked, now? 😀

    Apart from that I’m not sure which other races might have tractor beams although it’s plausible we just haven’t met them before now. 😀

    • Mr. Speck says:

      The Bjork/Borked were primarily who I was referring to with the “make any sort of sense” remark, actually. They’re pretty much the only group with any sort of significance that we haven’t seen involved in this yet, and the original Borg are known for tractor beams, but why in the world would they be here?

      • MTB says:

        Because someone invited them behind the scenes, offering a friendly ‘it will be hard to achieve your goals if this universe belongs to the King in Yellow’ speech.

        • BrickVoid says:

          The Bjorg (or Borked, depending on whether they’re the hive unfortunate enough to have assimilated Sgt. Wedingo) are supposed to be furnishing the race of the galaxy. I’m not sure if this is the same hive the crew of the Muffin encountered, but it will be interesting nonetheless to see how it plays out! 😉

  3. Marcus says:

    We’ve already got Remulans on the scene right?

  4. BrickVoid says:

    Also, to Dr. Legostar: I feel as if someone should make an effort to improve the LGWiki, as currently, there’s no real cross-referencing happening, just a collection of articles that haven’t really been tied to gether properly. Do you mind if I ask for those who know about wikis to step forward and offer their help to you? 😉

    • DrLegostar says:

      As I have said many times (times I’m sure you’ve ignored) I always appreciate help with the LGwiki. Not from you though. After your commentary about the Kickstarter campaign I’m trying to help out, I would prefer no help at all from you.

  5. T. Gatto says:

    Could it be Dr. Who?

    After all he is called (more or less) by name in panel 4.