Comic for July 12th, 2015
July 12th, 2015

The line I originally wrote for him was “You think I’m crazy?” but “You think me crazy?” sounds crazier.

Discussion (9)¬

  1. Freezer says:

    That’s still pretty crazy.

  2. BrickVoid says:

    Wow, what a grammar SNAFU that is right there. Bugger it, I say, let him say what he wants. Just FYI: There is a hidden “that” in the line you originally wanted him to say. Always, *always*, parse out a sentence, to see if it fits better in proper grammar, before changing it up. You can, however, punctuate it properly as this: “You think, me, crazy?” “me” only works there because of the commas, when it becomes a reference to the self, which it is, if the commas are used properly.

    All that being said, it looks good so far, perhaps Bly doesn’t care for punctuation. Or maybe he just likes piling up dead bodies and will do anything to insult them beforehand. 😉

  3. EvilKiru says:

    Meh. People don’t generally say things like “You think that I’m crazy?” Because we’re too lazy to add superfluous “that”s and so we say “You think I’m crazy?”, because that’s how people talk. Adding “that” makes the sentence stilted and “high-faluten”. He’s a pirate, so he’s never going to sound like a stilted “high-faluten” person…

  4. Docknock says:

    I missed the part of rhetoric where one proves ones sanity by killing the one you are trying to prove it to. Maybe it is a pirate thing.
    Or a crazy thing.

  5. ladyblanc says:

    Actually, “You think me crazy?” is somewhat old-fashioned in structure but perfectly correct grammar. No commas needed. The archaic nature suits the crazy space pirate admirably.

    • rmsgrey says:

      Actually, shouldn’t it be “Ye think me crazy?” unless he’s saying that several of them think he’s crazy, not just the guy doing the talking…

      If you’re going to use older grammar, you might as well dust off the second person singular that got discarded way back too when people decided we don’t need to distinguish between addressing one person and addressing multiple. By the way, how’s that working out for all of all y’all?

  6. PsihoKekec says:

    Crazy is not even trying to kill your enemies before they can sic their minions at you.