Comic for August 9th, 2015
August 9th, 2015

Lieutenant Samuel “Smiley” O’Riley, First Lieutenant Colleen Macmillan, Catherine “Chatty Cathy” O’Riley, William “Will You Please Shut the Hell Up?” O’Riley

The point of nicknames normally would be to make someone’s name shorter or easier to say.  This is not the case with William O’Riley.


  1. Darg says:

    Wait, it is still offensive if they call themselves that? See, that’s my main problem with “PC police” like this; they’re so busy getting offended for other people and calling out the “offender” that they rarely stop to think if the person they’re defending even has a problem with it. My gf calls herself “Chatty Cathy” (even though her name isn’t Cathy) and she would be more offended by someone being offended for her than by the nickname.