Comic for August 16th, 2015
August 16th, 2015

Ensign Tenka Nerok, Mark the Grad Student

At one time during my training as a pharmacist I worked with one of my colleges in her store and she was always concerned with the condition of the nearby bathroom.  I thought that it didn’t bother me because I’d been to public restrooms in Easter Europe and my idea of a horrible bathroom was just beyond that of hers.  Turned out that it was just the baseline I was used to having had to frequent men’s rooms in general.

Discussion (6)¬

  1. James says:

    Yeah, Mark’s right, that pretty much is a men’s restroom, especially in a bar.

  2. BrickVoid says:

    I talked to a French guy who worked for someone cleaning public toilets as part of his old job at an airport. Cleaners basically have a set amount of time to make a cubicle spotless, usually under 5 minutes. He said he had to do quite a few dirty toilets on an hourly rate, it’s not for everyone but he liked doing it because it gave him satisfaction doing a proper job cleaning up other’s messes!

    I’ve also talked to the cleaners who have cleaned both the men’s and women’s toilets there, and it’s always the same, very dirty, no matter which type they’ve just cleaned, it was a lot of work! Having seen the toilets first hand on a regular basis, I can totally agree with their workload and assessment of it! 🙂

  3. DaveBro says:

    Maybe some Canadian can clarify the word origin, but I strongly suspect that this is from whence comes the term ‘hoser.’ Especially if the seat is down, which is why I think consideration requires leaving the seat UP in a shared restroom.

  4. Docknock says:

    Not a Canadian, but I thought the term was related to siphoning fuel from other people’s cars

    • Rob says:

      Docknock – you are referring to a ‘sucking’ hoser where as DaveBro is referring to a ‘spaying’ hoser; but both are blights on society!

  5. Anth says:

    Hoser: One who has to hose down the hockey rink after their team loses. See: loser.