Comic for October 4th, 2015
October 4th, 2015

Mark the Grad Student, Dobikar Aaroth, Jenni Watt

Halloween is loved by many, not just monsters.  Monsters too though, just not only them.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. BrickVoid says:

    i wonder what they give out for grad students who successfully get a degree in idiocy? I reckon Mark would have all of them! 😀

    • Paladin says:

      One pick from 3 “gifts”:

      1. Straight jacket

      2. “Medic Alert” speed-dial bracelet [open the clasp/break the bracelet/take it off/turn it off/etc and it will automatically have a full fledged doctor sent to you (or vice-versa)]

      3. Vocal chord removal surgery

      Choose wisely…..yeah, right.