Comic for January 8th, 2016
January 8th, 2016

At least Red’s still got his sense of humor.

I don’t modify the faces much, but when there’s a double sided head, I’m gonna put it to good use.  I really like how between that side of the head and the camera angle this expression conveys the full weight of what Cindy is feeling about Red’s “hilariousness” right now.

Discussion (6)¬

  1. Mr. Speck says:

    Where the heck is this head from, anyway? I don’t remember a cyclops minifig with heavy eyelashes.

    • BrickVoid says:

      Check my past comments back through this story arc, I posted a link to the head in a comment somewhere, it’s one of the collectible minifig series! 😀

  2. SaylorA says:

    I wonder… If you were to take a photo of Cindy, would Red still her image as a Cyclops or would he see her normal image?

    • Mike says:

      There’s a solution just have her wear a mask of her own face.

    • BrokenEye, The True False Prophet says:

      Well, he still sees the Eye of Madness reflected in the mirror, so I’m guessing he’d still see it focused through a lens, reflected off a mirror onto some film as well.

      Please note, I’m only speaking in terms of traditional film cameras because I have no freaking clue how digital cameras work.

      • WJS says:

        I don’t see how that follows. The film in the camera doesn’t have the eye of madness, so why should it see an image of the crazy-faces any more than someone standing next to Red would? The change is in him, not in who he’s looking at. Meanwhile, an image of someone isn’t the real them, so there shouldn’t be any hidden depth there for him to see.