Comic for May 13th, 2016
May 13th, 2016

After a year of being tortured anyone would probably be a bit uptight.

Discussion (9)¬

  1. Mr. Speck says:

    Let’s be fair, it wasn’t like he was a party animal before that either.

  2. Docknock says:

    PTSD is a female canine

  3. Docknock says:

    But at least he has learned to let his hair down

  4. T. Gatto says:

    I’d be mad too, if I paid that much for 1/2 of a turkey leg…

  5. Caulder says:

    If Johnny starts singing “Make a man out of you” I’m gone.

  6. SaylorA says:

    The first order of business in relaxing is changing out of your uniform and into civilian clothes.

  7. (I sent you a pretty important email two days ago and I don’t think you’ve seen it yet. I’m sorry to use the comments like this, but I’m starting to run out of time and I need to know you’ve seen it. Plus, this is the only other way I know how to contact you. Please delete this comment after you see it.)

  8. ladyblanc says:

    I really don’t think Robin is any different than he ever was. In fact, maybe a little calmer, what with the self confidence he’s gained. After all, it was really nothing new to him to be tortured.

    Looking at these pictures, it really strikes me how much Skip needs a makeover now.