Comic for September 1st, 2016
September 1st, 2016

“You’d better come see this” cliché.

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Discussion (3)¬

  1. BrickVoid says:

    “going to want to see” – since when has anything ever been a thing Bob actually and really wants to see? 😀

  2. Mark says:

    Who’s on the comm? I’ve noticed this a couple of times in the comic over the years, and it’d be kinda nice if something was done in the first panel of this strip to communicate to the reader who was actually calling from off-panel. You could either have had Bob say “Yes, ___?”, or perhaps have a small image of the head of the person calling attached to the comm speech bubble, so it can be clearer that way who is speaking.

    Just a suggestion.

    • WJS says:

      Yeah, that’s a pretty good idea. You could take just the head and hair for the characters, and take some portrait shots to use as icons.